Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kejia is now a song writer

Arnie had to work in Berkeley for a day and Kejia and I went along. Kejia and Mommy got to go to the Oakland Zoo and then to the Temple. It was a great day. Too bad daddy had to work but we are so thankful for a good career.

Kejia and Frankie are great friends. You can tell who the boss is!!!

Her greatest dance move. She loves this one. She was the star of the Daddy Daughter Dance.

Daddy Daughter Dance that Kejia and Arnie went to. They had a blast and got to have a carriage ride, see Cinderella, dance all night in a castle and just have a great time.

Cooking with mom with her special Apron from Papa and Grandma Clark

Easter at Joy's house, all the kids on the teeter totter(including Arn)

Bowling with Corbin and Kinsley on her 3rd birthday!!!

We moved and are enjoying our new city. I know I have been the worlds worst blogger and now hopefully I can start doing better. I was never really good at it to begin with but here goes another try. Since I last wrote Kejia turned three, is now potty trained, yippee!!!, we moved, Arnie has a new career and is enjoying it, Emily is enjoying rearranging and decorating, and trying to get organized. We are meeting wonderful people and are closer to Arnie's family who we have seen a little more than before. We miss Emily's family and hope they know how much we miss them. We are looking forward to summer, spending time with family and friends, camping, boating and some relaxing (maybe). Hopefully we will get to see most of you soon!