Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dance and Curlers

Kejia just had her first day of ballet class. She loved it. She also experienced her first day of curlers. She wasn't patient enough to keep the curlers in too long so her hair didn't get too curly. She (Lubs) Loves dance class!

Time Spent in North Idaho, We took a Gondola ride up Silver Mt with a picnic. Kejia loved the gondola and chair lifts that we rode. She was taking pictures with the camera and wanted to take one of momma and dada. She loves the (Clamela) this is how she says camera.
We love the Hiawatha Bike Trail which starts in Montana and ends in Idaho. Kejia loves it most of the time but gets a little anxious in the tunnels. This picture is just after the first tunnel which is 2 miles long and pitch black with out flashlights. She loves being outside!!!