Monday, December 14, 2009

Dance Time!!!
Merry Christmas

Topping the tree with Dad.

I know it looks like we just woke up, no this isn't Christmas morning, just a lazy relaxing day!


We were all cow people as Kejia would say. Kejia was a cow girl, Mom was a "cow mom" and dad was "cow dad." Kejia is so much like her mom in the way she loves candy. We loved Halloween.

She is the cutest cow girl I have ever seen. She was so "essited" (excited) to go trick or treating.
Finished Product of Pumpkin carving.

Happy Halloween!

This picture was Kejia's idea!

Look what happened to us after we went to Honey I shrunk the audience. It was quite a problem walking back to our car after this and we could hardly see over the stearing wheel!
Obviously this was before the Shrinking Audience. Just warning those of you on your way to a Disney Vacation caution before entering honey I shrunk the audience.

Splash Mountain, poor Kejia we bribed her and told her we would get her a winnie the pooh stuffed animal if she rode this. She was quite frightened. Her favorite ride was Small World and she is so cute on it.

Shawn and Jacque came to spend a week and we had our family vacations together. We had a wonderful time. It was packed full of amuzement parks and lots of laughs.

Our first day of Vacation at the Wild Animal Park. We were just starting our 8 mile a day walking adventure but we ate so much junk we made up for all that walking. We had so much fun together...

Friday, October 16, 2009

San Diego in September 2009

My Birthday we spent in San Diego for the weekend. My brother Troy and Tina were there that weekend too. We got to see them a couple of times but of course I forgot to get pics with them:(
Isn't she so cute!

Seaworld rides...Kejia loved this one but the big one, she said she didn't want to do again. Sounds like me. Sorry Kejia if I passed my fear on to you. Daddy has enough bravery for all of us.

This is amazing. We love Seaworld.

September 2009

Riley and Natalie came for a weekend!!! (Arnie's sister Jill's kids) We had a great time. We made our own shaped pizzas. Riley's was a star, Nattie's a heart and Kejia's a triangle!!!
Arnie and I built and painted this bookshelf for Kejia's room. We are proud of it.

Our beautful girl on her first day of pre-school. She loves it.

This is her pre-school buddy Kandrea. They are great friends. This was their first day of school. I teach one day a week and Kandrea's mom teaches one day a week. We are enjoying teaching them too.

Mission Return for Emily's Parents August 2009

They are here. Just pulling up after an 18month mission in Knoxville, TN. As soon as the kids saw the cars they ran down the street to them. It was so awesome.
First meeting after 18 months, Papa and Kejia

Welcome Home Mom and Dad. We love you!!

At the stop sign on the corner waiting for the missionary grandparents to get home.

Everyone was so excited to welcome Grandma and Papa home. We all got together for a fun weekend at the cabin with Mom and Dad. We had a great time and are so happy to have them back. We loved them being on a mission too and to hear all of their experiences.

Arnie and I don't have a lot of pictures together recently but now Kejia is wanting to take pics. So she wanted to take a silly one. So here we are. This is in San Diego in September but I am putting it in July. The reason is because we celebrated our 9 year anniversary in July and don't have any pics from July. We did have a great couple of days to celebrate and Kejia went to play with her cousins. It was the first time in 9 years that we have spent our anniversary with just eachother. It is so close to the 4th of July that we are usually with Arnie's family or my family. We love our families but we love "our" time too. Thanks Joy, Scott and girls for the couple day break.

Carmel Beach, Same Monterey weekend

Great picture tree!!!
Kejia and Banya

Carmel Beach

It was so nice to get out of the heat and go to the cooler weather for the weekend.
This is Kejia's sand art.

Dennis the Mennis Park in Monterey July 2009

Spider Swing at Dennis the Mennis Park in Monterey!!!
She loved the rock climbing wall there and so did Arnie.

The shaky bridge, we were at this park for a long time and could have stayed even longer. It is a great park and a kids dream.

Slide race between Arnie and his mom. Can't remember who won.

All aboard!!

Monterey in July 2009

Lunch Time, well of course she got the sucker after lunch!!! We ate at this great place in Monterey and spent a weekend there in July with Banya(Arn's mom).
After the Monterey Aquarium, we went for a walk along the water.

We all loved the Aquarium.

Banya got a new puppy and Kejia was in heaven. Kejia got to name the puppy Sally. She held Sally the whole time we were there.

This was on the way to Monterey, Kejia is so good at entertaining herself. She was cracking us up and at one point her shovels were people and she was making them have conversations back and forth and using different voices for them.

Camping in Seqouia June 2009

Two camping Trips back to back in Seqouia National Park. First one was with our fab family Joy(Arn's sister), Scott(Joy's husband) and girs and Banya(Arn's mom). This was for Father's Day Weekend. We had a great time, did some hiking(well Kejia and I didn't hike quite as far as the rest of the group) and did some swimming in this great secret place we like to call the gulch or the gorge and we slide down the slippery rocks on the river. There is even a waterfall we like to jump from but I have to say I didn't do the waterfall this year. The following weekend we went back and met our Paso friends there. It was great. We love Seqouia and we saw lots of bears, enjoyed ourselves by the campfire and played.

Magic Mountain with Troy, Tina and kids

Kejia and I were able to meet Troy(Em's brother), Tina, and kids at Magic Mountain in Mid June. Arnie had to work and we missed him especially because he loves Magic Mountain the most. We had such a great time with the family and if you know me watching them all go on roller coasters was enough thrill for me and if you don't know me, yes I am a baby. The Troy Clark family has no fear, they were in heaven at Magic Mountain.

June 2009 Farmers Market

Farmers Market with our Paso Peeps in June!!! I know I haven't posted in forever. We have so much fun there and eat lots of yummy food. We love our friends too. It is nice to be near them and be able to visit them. The kids are enjoying the food and had so much fun playing and running around.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Princess Birthdays

Kejia went to her first princess birthday party a couple of months ago.

Kejia's friend Kelly let her borrow this great dress.

She had a great time at the party. She loved getting dressed up.


We have been camping twice this summer in Sequoia National Park. We had a great time. Kejia is a good camper and we are working on her hiking. She loves sleeping in a tent and bear hunting. Bears were found on both camping trips.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kejia is now a song writer

Arnie had to work in Berkeley for a day and Kejia and I went along. Kejia and Mommy got to go to the Oakland Zoo and then to the Temple. It was a great day. Too bad daddy had to work but we are so thankful for a good career.

Kejia and Frankie are great friends. You can tell who the boss is!!!

Her greatest dance move. She loves this one. She was the star of the Daddy Daughter Dance.

Daddy Daughter Dance that Kejia and Arnie went to. They had a blast and got to have a carriage ride, see Cinderella, dance all night in a castle and just have a great time.