Monday, December 14, 2009

Dance Time!!!
Merry Christmas

Topping the tree with Dad.

I know it looks like we just woke up, no this isn't Christmas morning, just a lazy relaxing day!


We were all cow people as Kejia would say. Kejia was a cow girl, Mom was a "cow mom" and dad was "cow dad." Kejia is so much like her mom in the way she loves candy. We loved Halloween.

She is the cutest cow girl I have ever seen. She was so "essited" (excited) to go trick or treating.
Finished Product of Pumpkin carving.

Happy Halloween!

This picture was Kejia's idea!

Look what happened to us after we went to Honey I shrunk the audience. It was quite a problem walking back to our car after this and we could hardly see over the stearing wheel!
Obviously this was before the Shrinking Audience. Just warning those of you on your way to a Disney Vacation caution before entering honey I shrunk the audience.

Splash Mountain, poor Kejia we bribed her and told her we would get her a winnie the pooh stuffed animal if she rode this. She was quite frightened. Her favorite ride was Small World and she is so cute on it.

Shawn and Jacque came to spend a week and we had our family vacations together. We had a wonderful time. It was packed full of amuzement parks and lots of laughs.

Our first day of Vacation at the Wild Animal Park. We were just starting our 8 mile a day walking adventure but we ate so much junk we made up for all that walking. We had so much fun together...