Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Halloween

Pretty much first time at the ocean for Ellery!!!

Crazy Elephant Seals.

Our Art work

Halloween Evening, ended with stomach ache!

Thursday before Halloween, ready for Farmers Market dinner and trick or treating!

Cutest Little Witch... Not only was Halloween awesome but we got to have Ellery visit and that was so fun. She kept us laughing and we stayed busy.

Room Redo

I have a very good, trusting, amazing friend who asked me back in Sept to re-do a room in her home. She wanted it to be a hang out/game room/play room for her boys who are 13, 11, and 7. I had so much fun doing the room and this is the first time I have ever decorated for someone else. I wanted a room that would grow with her boys. The television and couch were already there. I painted and accessorized and left room for growth as they get new toys, games, and stuff... Here are the photos.... Sorry about the spots, we took the camera to the ocean a few weeks prior and I did not notice until I downloaded the photos that I had salt water spots on the camera...OOPSIES